Why Liverpool is No.1 UK Buy-to-Let Investment Area

Liverpool is one of the UK’s major cities, with one of largest economies within the UK, and home to almost half a million people.

In 2008, the city was designated European Capital of Culture by the EU in recognition of its history, cultural diversity, economic importance of its port, and the worldwide popularity of some of its cultural exports.

The city itself is a metropolis abuzz with shops, restaurants, hotels and more museums and galleries outside of London than anywhere else in the UK.

It is also home to two of the most renowned world football teams, Liverpool and Everton, and is the birthplace of The Beatles.

Why invest in Liverpool buy-to-let apartments

Named by The Times Property Supplement as the no.1 location for buy-to-let investment, Liverpool’s residential market is particularly strong, with demand outstripping supply.

With few residential developments in the pipeline and National Statistics data showing that Liverpool’s population is forecast to increase from 450,000 to 473,000 by 2029, the demand for residential property is set to soar.

This coupled with the findings of a Bank of England report which revealed stricter Bank lending criteria’s will result in the private rental sector experiencing further growth in returns.

One of the most attractive residential property investment opportunities are when below market value apartments become available because investors have the potential for good capital growth and profit when they sell the property on top of the rental income they receive as the landlord.

These BMV property opportunities can be difficult to find but well worth the time. However as with most property investments location is key and it would seem that Liverpool is a good buy-to-let market right now.

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